Today in the How-To Series, we will be covering the barbell split squat. This popular exercise focuses on building strength in the hip and legs, especially the quads. One of the main advantages of this particular exercise is the ability to work each leg individually to build balanced lower body strength.

Continue reading on to find out how to perform the barbell split squat!


Step 1

Position bar on your back. Set your legs in a lunge stance.

Step 1 of the exercise

Step 2

Under control bend your front and back knee simultaneously until your back leg knee is just above the floor.

Model demonstrating exercise

Step 3

Keep your front knee tracking over the top of your ankle and your shoulders over your hips.

Step 3 Barbell Split Squat

Step 4

Raise the bar by pushing the middle of your foot against the floor. Exhale as you do so and return to the starting position.Step 4 Barbell Split Squat

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