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Load Your Classes

Seamlessly upload your students onto the platform. Simply input your students’ email addresses, and we’ll send them an invite to activate their accounts and get started with REPerformance.

Education Assessment

Run an Assessment

Build your own assessment, or choose from our pre-made assessment templates. Our AI instantly generates personalized workouts after your students complete their assessments.

Monitor and Reassess

All that’s left to do is to monitor your student’s progress and provide guidance when needed. Reassess at the end of your program to see how your students have improved since day one.

Students can report their own assessment results, allowing them to complete assessments in-class or remotely.
Workout Builder
Empower your students by allowing them to pick the exercises they want to perform, and allow them to feel comfortable and confident in movement.
Intuitive Programming
Workouts generated by the platform are intuitively scaled to progress or regress based on the student’s Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) feedback.
Utilize analytics to view and track your students’ progress in real-time. Share data with parents to keep them involved in their child’s health journey.
Make your P.E. class 100% paperless by sharing PDFs, text files, videos, and all other classroom materials with students directly through the platform.
Training Database
Users can reference our database of 1000+ movements for teaching and reference. Access workout descriptions and video-backed assessments for your educational needs.

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