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We are a fitness and lifestyle platform supporting anyone with technology and professional coaching.



For more than 20 years, Callen McGibbon has been dedicating his professional and personal life to a mission of better health for everyone he works with.

A chance meeting with award-winning bodybuilder Ian Walling (Mr. Natural Universe 1998) inspired McGibbon to pursue a path of helping others (and himself) reach higher levels of fitness, health, and wellness.

While training a pair of professional hockey players bound for Europe, McGibbon began developing a tailored program that he still applies to clients this day. His program is not about bulking up, but fine tuning your body to your goals.

McGibbon’s clients are diverse: from people just seeking a better level of health and fitness, to people recovering and rehabilitating from injury, to elite level athletes such as Olympic gold medal women’s hockey player Rebecca Johnston and professional hockey players such as Leon Draisaitl and the Foligno brothers (Nick and Marcus). Regardless of a client’s level of fitness or health, McGibbon devises a personal fitness plan that relies on precise measurements, methods, and adjustment to ensure clients achieve the goals that have been set.

McGibbon knows that a healthy life means starting young on the road to healthy habits. Callen McGibbon approaches every client – regardless of ability, fitness level or skill – with respect, accountability, and dedication to living a better and healthier life. Whether training for the Olympics or entering a gym for the first time, everyone can and does benefit from McGibbon’s programming.

REPerformance stands for ‘Relative Evaluation of Personal Performance’

The outcome we aspire to achieve is long-term physical activity. The key to establishing longevity starts and ends with competence and confidence in our chosen actions. Understanding wellness is an individualized skill we strive to improve upon. Regardless of where we encounter you (PHE class, sport setting or corporate world), a learning experience of well-being and uncovering your capabilities awaits!


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