From Huge Arms to Booty Fads

I have been in the fitness/ strength and conditioning industry for an incredible 21 years now. I fell into this industry by fate and have never woken up a day since that I haven’t been excited to get to work, learn and share all things healthy. When it comes to fads, I have seen them […]

Barbell Split Squat: How-To Series

Today in the How-To Series, we will be covering the barbell split squat. This popular exercise focuses on building strength in the hip and legs, especially the quads. One of the main advantages of this particular exercise is the ability to work each leg individually to build balanced lower body strength. Continue reading on to […]

Back Squat: How To Series

For today’s How-To Series, we will be discussing the back squat. This exercise is often referred to as the “king of leg exercises”, and for good reason. The back squat is incredibly effective at strengthening your legs and hips, while simultaneously improving mobility and stability throughout your whole body. Keep reading to find out how […]