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We have a built a fitness testing software that enables educators and sports administrators the ability to monitor their class or team’s physical development. Our system allows you to implement a standardized fitness test followed by weekly dynamic, easy to understand workout routines.

Fitness Testing

Testing lies at the core of our product. Administrators can test quickly and easily on any device. There are a number of template tests to choose from or you have the ability to create your own.

Roster Management

Our flexible team management allows you to create multiple groups of athletes and coaches or students and teachers. Seamlessly add your organization’s members to get started.

Progress Assessment

We break your data down into manageable reports. You can track individual users, classes or teams. Laid out in an easy to understand way, this data will help you advocate for your students or athletes at the highest level possible.

Workout Generation

Upon completing any fitness test, automated workouts are generated, geared to improve individual needs. Users simply login to access their daily routine and are able to scale workload with RPE feedback. 

Who We aim to improve


Improving One Rep at a time

Working closely with high schools, colleges, and universities we offer the tools to improve group fitness in any setting. REPerformance is committed to maintaining student health and wellness. Create lesson plans by leveraging our affordable fitness assessments and workout routines. 

Sports Organizations

Track, Compare, Perform

Lacking a competitive edge? Our dynamic workout generation tool lets you leverage your talent. By providing your team with dynamic workout routines you will see results. With consistent testing you can measure your team’s performance. With consistent testing, invest time developing sport skills.

Collecting data can be challenging

Let REPerformance power your Team’s Testing!


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