Equip Your Organization With A Digital Strength Coach

What We Do

REPerformance is a Fitness testing platform that enables educators and sports administrators the ability to monitor their class or team’s physical development. Our system allows you to implement a standardized fitness test followed by weekly dynamic, easy to understand workout routines, tailored to individual needs. 

Run a Fitness Test

Routinely schedule your team or class to monitor progress

Analyze Results

Evaluate where your athletes or students stack up

Generate Workouts

Produce plans that match current capabilities to scale improvement

Information For Educators

Improving One Rep At A Time

Working closely with high schools, colleges, and universities we offer the tools to improve group fitness in any setting.

Information For Sports Teams

Track, Compare, Perform

Lacking a competitive edge? Our dynamic workout generation tool lets leverage your talent.

Physical Education And Student Health

REPerformance is committed to maintaining student health and wellness. Create lesson plans by leveraging our affordable fitness assessments and workout routines. These tools were developed with feedback from local high schools and universities. If you would like more information schedule a demo.


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Strength And Stability Win Games. Period.

When investing in sports team training you want to see returns. By providing your team with dynamic workout routines you will see results. With consistent testing you can measure your team’s performance. All while you have more time to plan strategy.

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