For today’s How-To Series, we will be discussing the back squat. This exercise is often referred to as the “king of leg exercises”, and for good reason. The back squat is incredibly effective at strengthening your legs and hips, while simultaneously improving mobility and stability throughout your whole body. Keep reading to find out how to perform this exercise!

Step 1

Using a squat rack, position the barbell on your back (at shoulder height)

Model demonstrating exercise

Step 2

Inhale and set your posture with your chest up.

Model performing a back squat

Step 3

Lower under control until your thighs are below your knees. Keep your feet flat and your knees tracking over top of your ankles.

Model squatting

Step 4

Exhaling, push off with your heels to straighten your legs and return to a standing position.

Returning to a standing position from back squat

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