The 4 Laws

While squats, deadlifts, curls, crunches or hang cleans all will impact fitness, it is the way we set up the 4 laws that determines what type of impact they have.  Where am I going with this, sets, reps, load and rest? These 4 things will have the largest impact on training outcomes.  I guess I […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Assessing

Today we’re going to discuss what is most likely the most polarizing topic in phys ed today… Assessing! To really understand why this is, we’ll need to look at some history.  This is a murky path let me tell you, but things sort of started taking shape in the early 1900s when researchers McCurdy and […]

Early Fitness Specialization: What?

The topic of early fitness specialization has been a major hot button for those involved in youth development for years. Research is conclusive that the narrower the focus in the stages of Learning to Train, and Training to Train within Long Term Athlete Development, the larger the negative impact it has on the ladder stages. […]

Relaxation Techniques for Pre-Competition Anxiety

Some athletes get pre-competition anxiety so intense that they find it difficult to concentrate and even become nauseous. In some cases, the anticipation of these feelings may cause an athlete to avoid competing or even quit their sport. These nervous sensations often locate themselves in specific areas of the body. Most common is muscle tension […]

Mobility: The Why and How

Mobility is the latest buzz in the fitness industry, but the concept of mobility is anything but new. Simply put, mobility is defined as a joint’s ability to move freely through a specific range of motion.  Good mobility means that the range of motion a joint can travel through is smooth and pain-free. Furthermore, a […]

30 Workout Plans, 30 Kids, No Problem.

Writing workout plans is a skill! So how does one go about writing up to 30 workout plans, while ensuring students are building competence and confidence? To be honest, in a group environment, you can’t, but here is how our technology does it.  If you are a REPerformance customer you have heard this before, you […]

What Does The Right Track Look Like?

The right track, or, what does the right track even look like? You have 3 hours a week to train, what do you do? Developing as an athlete is a tricky balancing act – the only resource inherent to everyone is time. We all get 24 hours in a day but how it’s dispersed effectively […]