Flexibility & Stretching

Hey REPers, Coach Christmas here with our Wellness Topics on Flexibility and Stretching! Flexibility & Stretching For us teachers and coaches born in the 80’s and 90’s…remember what it was like to get up and put your socks on in the morning without having to grunt? Yeah, those were the good ol’ days. What I’ve […]

Order of Stretching is Important

When teaching a stretching routine, teachers and coaches often use an order of stretching that starts with the neck and moves down or starts at the feet and moves up. For example, in using a sequence of stretches that moves upward from the feet, you’d first stretch the feet, then the calves, then the shins, […]

The 4 Laws

While squats, deadlifts, curls, crunches or hang cleans all will impact fitness, it is the way we set up the 4 laws that determines what type of impact they have.  Where am I going with this, sets, reps, load and rest? These 4 things will have the largest impact on training outcomes.  I guess I […]

Early Fitness Specialization: What?

The topic of early fitness specialization has been a major hot button for those involved in youth development for years. Research is conclusive that the narrower the focus in the stages of Learning to Train, and Training to Train within Long Term Athlete Development, the larger the negative impact it has on the ladder stages. […]

Mobility: The Why and How

Mobility is the latest buzz in the fitness industry, but the concept of mobility is anything but new. Simply put, mobility is defined as a joint’s ability to move freely through a specific range of motion.  Good mobility means that the range of motion a joint can travel through is smooth and pain-free. Furthermore, a […]