THE POWER OF UNILATERAL TRAINING Hey fellow REPer’s. We’ve heard all kinds of fitness jargon and training methods thrown around in our fitness journey. Today I want to introduce you to Unilateral Training.  What is Unilateral Training? In simple terms, unilateral training involves working out one side of your body at a time. Instead of […]


DELOADING: GIVING YOUR BODY A BREATHER FOR BETTER GAINS Hey there, REP team! Today’s article is about an essential training “hack” that often gets overlooked but holds importance in achieving optimal results in your training routine. Let’s dive into the world of “deloading.”  SO COACH, WHAT IS DELOADING? The simplest way I explain deloading is […]

Advanced Programming

COACH CHRISTMAS My Story. My Mission. Hey REPers, Coach Christmas here with some thoughts on creating advanced programming.  In previous articles, we’ve talked about ways to make effective programs. In this article I want to share with you how to periodize your students’ training to help them view their fitness goals as a marathon, not […]

The 7 Core Movements

Not too many days go by where I’m not in awe of the human body and its physical abilities (although birds can fly and that’s pretty legit!). We are so fortunate to have the bodies we do so understanding its core movement skills and developing them is first priority. The complexity of what we can […]

Training the Legs (Getaway Sticks)

So today we are going to discuss training the legs, the most important muscle group! When I started training in grade 9 my legs were super skinny and I wanted them to be bigger. It turns out I have very short femurs so leg training came very fast and I scaled in weight very quickly. […]