REP Fam!! Are you tired of feeling like a noodle when you flex those biceps? Do you dream of having The Hulk’s quads and a brain that’s as sharp as Tony Stark? Well, guess what? There’s a secret potion called “Creatine” that can help you level up your muscle and brain game. It’s like a […]


gym goer

ARE YOU READY TO HIT THE GYM? Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’re a seasoned gym-goer, having a well-prepared gym bag can make your gym experience more convenient and enjoyable. Packing the right essentials ensures you have everything you need to maximize your training session and stay focused on your fitness goals. […]



Eccentric VS Concentric VS Isometric​ Hey REP team! Coach Christmas back with another article to help you, your students and athletes become the best version of themselves! There’s more to strength training than just picking up a weight and putting it down. Each lift you do actually has three distinct phases or contractions: the concentric […]

True North Strong Podcast

Welcome to True North Strong: A Sports Performance Podcast. Join your host Jay Melhado as he chats with some of the top Canadian Sport & Human Performance Practitioners. This show’s aim is to not only highlight the great work being done by our guests but also get to know them outside of their professional environment. […]

Performance Mode: 3 Steps for Your Athletes

How do you handle instructions to athletes before major competitions? Do you overwhelm them with multiple instructions just before they hit the field? Do you avoid talking about the competition in the preceding days to reduce nervousness? In fact, a more effective method is a three-step approach in which you minimize your instructions on the […]

Develop Empathy in Your Players

What’s an often overlooked quality that will improve the play of any team athlete? How about the ability to develop empathy. Yup, empathy. Knowing what it feels like to be the opponent during a play or move. This ability to sense what the opponent is experiencing will give your players new insights into their game […]

The 4 Lifestyle Categories:Action, Fit, Athlete, Elite

A long time ago when I was trying to find ways to be inclusive I came up with 4 lifestyle categories. Action those who are beginning to move. Fit students who are moving regularly without a general focus. Athletes are those who are training with the goal of increasing an outcome. Lastly is Elite. The […]