About REPerformance

A man working out. He is lifting weights.

The History Of REPerformance

REPerformance was created in 2017 by Callen McGibbon and a small team. Operating out of the Ben F Avery Gymnasium on the property of Laurentian University they developed the REPerformance business. 

Our goal is to encourage the inner confidence and motivation of ourselves and others. To do this we created a community, intended to develop our members physically and mentally, regardless of age, goals, or personal fitness levels. We aim to promote a healthier, happier, and stronger lifestyle.

The Values Of REPerformance

Physical Education

Every pro athlete starts with a basic understanding of health and wellness. We help Teachers and Coaches advocate for their athletes.

Healthy Living

Fitness is not just about your physical appearance. It also sustains your life and improves your mood. Reperformance aims to inform and encourage everyone.

Strength And Stability

Without a clear guide on how and why to exercise your, body can become unbalanced. We provide the tools and expertise needed to create well rounded workout routines.

Motivation And Inclusivity

By focusing on the most fit members of your team you disregard those who need help. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to develop. 

The Creation Of REP Team

We realized our strategies needed to improve. This evolution saw the creation of REP Team. This app is aimed to facilitate workout creation and fitness tracking for educational institutions, sports teams, and fitness trainers. Our aim was to supplement the sport experience beyond wins and losses, however our quest has grown much bigger. Contact us to learn more!

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