Add Some Digital Muscle To Your P.E Experience! 

Provide an individualized reflection for each student 


per class per month

1 Class = $180

2 Classes = $360

3 Classes = $540

4 Classes = $720


per class per month

5 Classes = $780

6 Classes = $936

7 Classes = $1092

8 Classes = $1248


per class per month

9 Classes = $1296

10 Classes = $1440

11 Classes = $1584

12 Classes = $1728


per year

Unlimited Account

Include Sport Teams

Flexible Scheduling

Include Sport Teams


How Do I Get Started? 

To get started, we will assign you Success Manager who will coach your staff and help upload your students. Our success team will be there to support any questions along the way. 

Do you have a setup cost?

No. Once you have selected a plan, you’re good to go! We accept payment upfront or on a month-to-month sequence. There are no hidden setup fees built in. 

 How is a class “billed”?

Classes are set-up on 6-month intervals to line up with the traditional semester schedule. Students can be assigned to classes all year round. 

Does your platform support a virtual setting? 

Yes, admins (teachers or coaches) have the ability to quickly build body-weight workout routine OR build workouts based on available equipment. 

I have a small weight room, can I still use your platform? 

Yes, you have the ability to group students and select equipment for their programming. You have the ability to manage your facility to fit your classes needs. 

Do you offer district or school board deals?

Yes – More than happy to facilitate. Let us know how many schools and we can generate a quote. 

From our team to yours, we’d be thrilled to answer any questions you may have and explore how we can equip your department with a digital strength coach!