Unlimited programming.

One great price.

REP Unlimited Account


Per Calendar Year

Multi-teachers deals are available. Contact us for more information.

What do I get with my REP account?

  • Access to our grades 7-12 curriculum resources
  • Our curated database of over 700 exercises
  • Your own personal onboarding specialist
  • Full, unrestricted access to the platform
  • Ability to upload unlimited students and classes
  • Unlimited customer support

By Comparison

Designed by strength coaches for strength coaches who train athletics at the college level.

Designed by high school PE teachers for group training in fixed programs at the high school level

Designed by personal trainers for teachers to deliver individualized training for all students

Does Your Platform Support Virtual Learning?

Yes, teachers or coaches have the ability to quickly build a body-weight workout routine OR build workouts based on equipment available to the student at home.

Are There Visual Instructions?

Each exercise is provided with an image displaying how to perform that movement, as well as written instructions.

I Have Little or No Equipment, Can I Still Use Your Platform?

Yes, you have the ability to group students and select equipment for their programming based on what equipment is available at the school or at home.

What Age or Grade is Recommended to Start Using REP?

Currently, we have groups of students ranging from ages 12 to 19 utilizing the platform.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, we will assign you Success Manager who will coach your staff and help upload your students. Our success team will be there to support any questions along the way.

What About Student Privacy?

Students’ privacy is our top priority. We will never share or sell data with third-party companies. We are a Canadian company with a Canadian database so we fall under all the regulations to support Canadian organizations. We also work with your board’s IT department and will customize anything that comes up to fit
your needs.

Do You Have a Setup Cost?

No, once you have selected a plan, you’re good to go! We accept payment upfront or on a month-to-month basis. There are no hidden setup fees.

How is a Teacher "Billed"?

Teachers are set up at 6-month intervals to line up with the traditional semester schedule. Students can be assigned to classes all year round.