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Thank you for your interest in REPerformance! On this page you’ll find a few guidelines for using REPerformance’s brand assets. Please take some time to review them.

Our Story

REPerformance was born in 2019 out of a need for change in our current Physical Education system. The one-size-fits all philosophy seen in many curriculums can be exclusionary and discouraging for some students. The REP team has since been working tirelessly to empower the next generation of students with a confidence in movement that will last them a lifetime.


When written, REPerformance is a single word with the first three letters capitalized. It is never written as RE Performance, REP Performance, or Reperformance.



RE Performance


REP Performance





Multi-use full colour

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These are REPerformance’s brand colours. Copy the HEX codes below.



(Our Lawyers Made Us Say This)

Our graphics are proprietary and are protected as our intellectual property. Please ensure you use them appropriately. If you have any questions or require more information, contact