The REP Mission

Making Fitness Planning Accessible For All Youth 

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The Vision 

 Hi, I’m Nick Foligno, 

As the proud co-founder of REP and a direct result of the REP program, I can personally attest to the program’s value and effectiveness. Working with Callen McGibbon for the past 15 years, the REP mission has guided me to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming an elite athlete and playing in the NHL. I was fortunate enough to realize my talent and capabilities at a young age and  by prioritizing my fitness , I continued to excel in my profession. 

In a world where health and vitality are met with incredible importance, I want today’s youth to have the same opportunities, education and resources I had when I was young, and still continue to have through the program today. Even after 13 years playing in the NHL, my physical fitness has pushed to new levels.

As a father of three, I know how important it is to teach healthy habits, and encourage physical fitness in a way that is engaging to young minds. Teaching them the proper ways to learn these things at a young age helps to shape and guide their behaviors and choices as they grow older. I’m proud of what REPerformance can do, and I look forward to helping young athletes develop physically and mentally by making fitness more accessible through our unique offerings. 

 Hi, I’m Callen McGibbon,
I’ve been a strength coach for nearly 20 years. Throughout my practice, I’ve encountered fitness levels across the board. From youth athletes picking up their first weight to middle-aged individuals looking to stay in shape.  As an fitness enthusiast, I have always tried to push boundaries and make myself as knowledgeable as possible when it comes to human performance. 

In 2017, I took a leap into new territory by creating REPerformance. Behind the idea was the goal to make more youth physically fit by empowering them with hands on experience. What I evaluated through my years of coaching was that applying a “workout” lifestyle isn’t overtly part of the youth experience. There’s a gap in how we present being healthy. 

 The mission isn’t necessarily to optimize athletic performance, although, I treat every client with the same framework  for success.  At the core, I want to provide access to this method and develop healthier humans for the long term.  By instituting healthy active living at the youngest possible age, we can provide the pathway to long term success in fitness.   

I am proud to have worked with high level athletes and been apart of their journey.  My vision is to take that approach and lend a hand to anyone who needs it. If I can set one kid on the path to becoming physically fit,  that wouldn’t have otherwise, this REPerformance experience would have all been worth it!  

A photo, the founder of reperformance callen.

Building an Individualize Pathway


Our first step is evaluation which is the rudimentary backbone to our platform. It is essential to understand where an individual stands today to plan accordingly and revisit initial test indicators.

Learn to Train

Our workout structure is designed to increase confidence through technique, transitions to heavier loads and feedback through muscle response.


Train to Train

By implementing an RPE (rate of perceived exertion) function, we put the power back in the hands of our students and athletes to allow for safe scalability.


Active for Life

Long term fitness success is based largely on foundation. Experiencing different forms of movements, blended in with the ability to measure results.

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Our goal is to provide opportunity to build life-long habits. 
It’s important to create an environment for students to evaluate progress
and uncover what motivates them to stay active for life!