How It Works

Grading in PHE should not be based on what a student is capable of today but rather the progress in which they show over time. In order to do so, we must measure so students can reflect on their development.


If You’re Not Assessing, You’re Guessing.

Choose from over 40 different exercises and build assessments for your students. Create a baseline for each student to gauge progress and measure the impact of physical activity.

Assessment Builder Shown on Desktop

“The kids love the program and see the benefits of it so it’s a win, win situation for everyone.”

Miguel Bélanger, École Secondaire Catholique Champlain


Support Differentiated Learning

Unique to the REP platform, the workout builder empowers your students by allowing them to choose which exercises they want to incorporate into their routines, allowing them to feel comfortable and confident in their movements.

Assessment Builder Shown on Desktop

Group Development

  • LET US handle the admin prep time associated with your PHE classes.

Tracking the Trend

  • LET US validate your efforts in PHE by providing insights into student progress.

Building Physical Literacy

  • LET US  scale workouts with direct student feedback to improve competence in moving.

Providing Direction

  • LET US digitalize student-teacher communication.