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Organization Management

We understand the fun isn’t in the on-boarding, so we’ve made it easy to get moving with the options below: 
  • Manage your groups by adding users (students/athletes) and admin members (teachers/coaches) to ensure your group is steering in the right direction 
  • Allow admin members to access a number of groups or the entire account

Fitness Testing

Institute routine assessments to provide regular feedback and ensure your group is consistently developing:
  •  Choose from pre-built tests or select from a our database of exercises
  • Access team averages and understand where group progress is made overtime

Automated Workouts

  •  Workouts are powered by years of strength and conditioning frame-work
  • Plans are adjusted in real time with RPE feedback inputs
  • Reports are generated for your students or athletes to identify where progress is being made and how routines are being modified 
Our first step is evaluation which is the rootamentary backbone to our platform. It is essential to understand where an individual stands today, plan accordingly and revisit initial test indicators. Our testing is designed to accurately predict out workouts to capability in order to build momentum.
Understanding exercise comes with variable's on how we're uniquely built as humans. There isn't a one size fits all approach. Our workout structure is designed to increase confidence through technique, transitions to heavier loads and feedback through muscle response.
Learn to Train
After a level of fitness is defined, along with instituting a workout regime, the process shifts to the individual. By implementing an RPE (rate of perceived exertion) function, we put the power back in the hands of our students and athletes to allow for safe scalability.
Train to Train
Long term fitness success is based largely on foundation. Experiencing different forms of movements, blended in with the ability to measure results. By constantly testing, new program designs can be unleashed to keep a fresh and motivating environment.
Active for Life


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