Student Success Pathway

Let our AI system design programs, individualized to every student’s current needs. 

Group Development

  • LET US handle the admin prep time associated with your PHE classes. 

Tracking the Trend

  • LET US validate your efforts in PHE by providing insights into student progress. 

Building Physical Literacy

  • LET US  scale workouts with direct student feedback to improve competence in moving.

Providing Direction

  • LET US digitalize student-teacher communication.

Assessment Builder 

Create a fitness assessment with over 40 exercises to choose from. It’s not what you do on assessment 1, it’s measuring improvement from each follow-up!

  • Design a repeatable assessment 
  • Consistently provide individual feedback
  • Measure the impact of physical activity 

Workout Generator 

Design automated workouts from assessment measurements to efficiently build programing to student’s current capabilities.

  • Create programs for your entire group or individually  
  • Always have a plan in place
  • Include different equipment choices over time to ensure for a safe-environment 

“As a teacher, I’m always looking to evaluate how my students can improve.
It’s key to uncover what I may have missed or misunderstand. Providing guidance
is rooted in evaluating each student’s current needs. Having a platform that consistently 
allows for me to engage has been great to keep motivating. “

Steph Jacques – P.E Teacher, Confederation Secondary

Analytics Tracker 

Provide students with instant assessment feedback to ensure goal-setting efforts remain intact. 

  • Save time communicating data 
  • Turn any device into a personal data journal
  • Use assessment data to improve engagement

Workout Scheduler 

Provide workouts in an easy to follow schedule to integrate into weekly.

  •  Provide a base understanding to create a secure foundation 
  • Unlock equipment as weight room comprehension grows 
  • Progress at your pace with ‘RPE’ feedback for each exercise

“It’s always great to create an opportunity to blend a sport experience with a learning experience. Giving student athletes an opportunity to evaluate where they stack up and identify ways to improve. 

David K. – Toronto Argonauts