Make Every PHYS-ED class a source of confidence

Improve Your Students P.E. Experience

If health and active living is a priority at your school, REPerformacne provides each student an opportunity to gain long term fitness skills.

Product in Action

Examples of the app.

Easy To Follow Instruction

We understand working out involves tailored needs and guidance to build long term momentum to make fitness apart of everyday routine. Each workout planned out is accompanied by directions to complete correctly.


Measurable Results

PHYS-ED class involves regular fitness testing, implement a tool that allows for on-going feedback. Don't let effort become wasted opportunity, allow for momentum to build with each piece of data collected.

No Student Left Behind

We’ve made overseeing the fitness needs of an entire class more simplistic. Spend less time preparing and gathering data and more time assisting actionable movement.

Workout Generation

routines to Easily Implement


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