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How do I find a sponsor?
Step 1 is to fill out a “Find a sponsor” form on our website. Once done you will be connected to a school partnerships rep who will work with you on connecting you to an existing corporate sponsor or who will work with you on finding a local organization to pair with your school.
Does my school have to pay for this program?
No, our program is donated to your school using funds from our corporate customers. Along with the program, we offer technical and coaching support and also provide Professional development day programming for boards across the country.
What if my sponsor opts out of the program?
If your sponsor decides to discontinue the program during the school year, rest assured that we will continue to provide support until the end of the academic year. Our aim is to ensure that you and your students have uninterrupted access to the program. After the school year ends, we will look for a new sponsor. It's worth noting that we have not had any sponsors drop out of our program so far.
What if I already have a corporate sponsor?
If you already have a sponsor, you can get started by filling out our form. Our school partnership representative will then receive your corporate sponsor information and start the onboarding process.
Is it possible for me to make the payment for my school?
Yes, it is possible if you do not have a sponsor or if we are unable to match you with one. Please get in touch with us for information on the costs related to your school's specific requirements.
Is it possible for my entire school to utilize this program?
Absolutely! We suggest linking our program with the guidance and PHE departments to ensure that all students and teachers can benefit from it.

I HAVE a corporate sponsor

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