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How do we impact a school?
By enrolling in our program our digital PHE software and support platform will be donated to a school. In a time when schools have limited resources for physical and mental well-being, our program offers a personalized approach for students to learn about their health and develop sustainable habits. Additionally, we offer professional development training to PE teachers on how to incorporate health and wellness into the PHE curriculum.
Do we get to pick the school?

Certainly, you have the option to select a school or enroll in our corporate sponsorship program. Every month, you will receive a wellness newsletter personalized to your company, which will showcase the number of students who have benefited from your dedication to promoting health and well-being among your employees.

Is there a cost?
Yes. Our company offers a corporate wellness program that includes employee assistance support. The cost is $5.00 per employee per month and includes a dedicated wellness team to assist with onboarding. We also offer live coaching support 24/7, with a pay-per-use model that bills between $1.35-1.75 per minute. Our certified coaches specialize in areas such as personal training, mobility, sleep, nutrition, mental health, social work, and strength and conditioning.
Will I have to do any heavy lifting for this process?
No, you won't. We'll supply you with an employee readiness for change survey to distribute within your organization. Once we receive the responses, we'll assess if your team is prepared for the change. If they are, we'll initiate onboarding and send out all necessary communications. You'll need to designate one person from your team as the account lead, who will oversee informing us about any employee hires or departures.
What impact does this have on our ESG score?
An organization's ESG score reflects its Environmental, Social, and Governance aspects. By participating in our program, you will be contributing to the mental fortitude and well-being of the next generation of Canadians, thus affecting their future.
May we promote our participation in this program through advertising?
Absolutely! Whenever a new school joins our program, we will tag your company in a post on all of our social media platforms and any media news we receive. Additionally, if you have a direct partnership with a school, we will display a banner at the school stating that you are their corporate health and wellness sponsor. You will also have the opportunity to visit the school and speak with the teachers and students to learn how they are benefiting from our program and improving their health and well-being.

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