Warming Up

The Power of Preparation: Why Warming Up is Key to Optimal Performance Hey team, Coach Christmas here! Are your athletes looking for a competitive advantage in their sport? Are you looking to get your Phys Ed students pumped and primed for an awesome game of dodgeball or weight training? You’re in luck, I happen to […]



Eccentric VS Concentric VS Isometric​ Hey REP team! Coach Christmas back with another article to help you, your students and athletes become the best version of themselves! There’s more to strength training than just picking up a weight and putting it down. Each lift you do actually has three distinct phases or contractions: the concentric […]

Selecting Drills for Assessment Success

What’s going on REPers?! By now, I’m sure you’ve created your SMART goals for the next 3,6 and 12 months. Hopefully you’re off to a great start. When designing assessments for the athletes I work with, here is my mental checklist and reminder to effectively conduct a quality session: Are you creating something that is […]


Happy New Year REPers! Coach Christmas here to talk about SMART goals. With the New Year here, many of your students and athletes may have some new goals or resolutions. And we know that after a few weeks, many of them will forget or give up on these goals. It’s a common situation among goal […]

No Days Off! Sleep Is For The Weak

NO DAYS OFF!! SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK! If you’ve played sports in the 90’s and early 2000’s, there’s a good chance you’ve heard this. It could’ve been your coaches, your teammates, even in those motivational videos in the early days of YouTube. We as coaches and educators know better now. Sleep is arguably the […]

Giving Students the Foundation to Build Programs with 7 Core Movements

How can you as a teacher trust that your students have a good knowledge on how to build a program after an assessment? In previous articles, we’ve discussed what the 7 Core Movements are. These movements, when put together can help create an effective training program. But Coach, what exactly is a program? A training […]

Order of Stretching is Important

When teaching a stretching routine, teachers and coaches often use an order of stretching that starts with the neck and moves down or starts at the feet and moves up. For example, in using a sequence of stretches that moves upward from the feet, you’d first stretch the feet, then the calves, then the shins, […]

The 7 Core Movements

Not too many days go by where I’m not in awe of the human body and its physical abilities (although birds can fly and that’s pretty legit!). We are so fortunate to have the bodies we do so understanding its core movement skills and developing them is first priority. The complexity of what we can […]

Fitness Breaks Keep Students Alert in the Classroom

There isn’t a teacher alive who has not stood in front of a classroom of drowsy students. There’s no doubt that teaching effectiveness is much reduced when students can barely keep their eyes open. Fortunately, fitness breaks can be used to energize such classroom lulls. Energy Breaks A short fitness break of three to four […]

The 4 Lifestyle Categories:Action, Fit, Athlete, Elite

A long time ago when I was trying to find ways to be inclusive I came up with 4 lifestyle categories. Action those who are beginning to move. Fit students who are moving regularly without a general focus. Athletes are those who are training with the goal of increasing an outcome. Lastly is Elite. The […]