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Warming Up


The Power of Preparation: Why Warming Up is Key to Optimal Performance Hey team, Coach Christmas here! Are your athletes looking for a competitive advantage

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girl in the gym

Lifting Accessories

What’s going on REPers?! Coach Christmas here with another fitness article I hope you’ll enjoy!  If you lift or have lifted in a commercial gym,

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running on treadmill

VO2 MAX Testing

REPers! It’s been a minute, I’m super grateful to you for reading and learning from the articles I write! They inspire me to continue to

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Coach Callen McGibbon

Interview with CA Magazine

Reperformance is a fitness and lifestyle platform supporting anyone with technology and professional coaching. Our vision is to disrupt the fitness and lifestyle industry by

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REPers, what’s going on?! Question for you to ask yourself, your athletes and students: What is your motivation for fitness? You’re likely to get a

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Machine VS Free Weights

Machine vs Free Weights Welcome back REPers!! Coach Christmas here with my thoughts on machine vs free weights training equipment and what to use to

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Coach Christmas here to talk about SMART goals. Many of your students and athletes may have some new goals or resolutions. And we know that

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Flexibility & Stretching

Hey REPers, Coach Christmas here with our Wellness Topics on Flexibility and Stretching! Flexibility & Stretching For us teachers and coaches born in the 80’s

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