Machine VS Free Weights

Machine vs Free Weights Welcome back REPers!! Coach Christmas here with my thoughts on machine vs free weights training equipment and what to use to see quality results!! First it’s important to note that whether you use free weights or machine based training equipment, you, your athletes or students will always be ahead of the […]

Selecting Drills for Assessment Success

What’s going on REPers?! By now, I’m sure you’ve created your SMART goals for the next 3,6 and 12 months. Hopefully you’re off to a great start. When designing assessments for the athletes I work with, here is my mental checklist and reminder to effectively conduct a quality session: Are you creating something that is […]


Coach Christmas here to talk about SMART goals. Many of your students and athletes may have some new goals or resolutions. And we know that after a few weeks, many of them will forget or give up on these goals. It’s a common situation among goal setters and the biggest reason for this is that […]

Flexibility & Stretching

Hey REPers, Coach Christmas here with our Wellness Topics on Flexibility and Stretching! Flexibility & Stretching For us teachers and coaches born in the 80’s and 90’s…remember what it was like to get up and put your socks on in the morning without having to grunt? Yeah, those were the good ol’ days. What I’ve […]

Breathing 101

BREATHING 101 Hey REPers, Coach Christmas here with some Breathing 101 tips! Breathing. We do it without even thinking about it most of our lives. But how is breathing important regarding health? You literally can’t live without oxygen. Regulating your breathing pattern can allow you to either elevate your heart rate or reduce your heart. […]

No Days Off! Sleep Is For The Weak

NO DAYS OFF!! SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK! If you’ve played sports in the 90’s and early 2000’s, there’s a good chance you’ve heard this. It could’ve been your coaches, your teammates, even in those motivational videos in the early days of YouTube. We as coaches and educators know better now. Sleep is arguably the […]

Advanced Programming

COACH CHRISTMAS My Story. My Mission. Hey REPers, Coach Christmas here with some thoughts on creating advanced programming.  In previous articles, we’ve talked about ways to make effective programs. In this article I want to share with you how to periodize your students’ training to help them view their fitness goals as a marathon, not […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Program Design

The Do’s and Don’ts of Program Design What’s up REPers, Coach Christmas here!  Your students have successfully completed their assessments and you’ve given them the task to create their own fitness program! However, there might be a few students of yours that could use additional resources to help them. Have no fear REPers, below I’ve […]

Giving Students the Foundation to Build Programs with 7 Core Movements

How can you as a teacher trust that your students have a good knowledge on how to build a program after an assessment? In previous articles, we’ve discussed what the 7 Core Movements are. These movements, when put together can help create an effective training program. But Coach, what exactly is a program? A training […]

Group Assessments

Hey REPers, Coach Christmas here! In my time as a coach, I’ve had the pleasure of facilitating group assessments for a variety of varsity and youth sports teams, as well as students. Some of the challenges of assessing in a group include: Difficulty personalizing assessments to individual requirements Will likely need co facilitators (helpers) as […]