The REP Mission

Build Knowledge, Understanding and Confidence in Youth to be Active for Life!

Hi, I’m Callen McGibbon
I’m co-founder of REPerformance – I’ve been a strength coach for nearly 20 years working at the Olympic level, NHL level, with active youth and also served as Team Canada’s Special Olympics Power Lifting Coach.

I know that confidence is the backbone to long-term adoption and want to ensure movement competence. By using routine assessment, I can evaluate myself as a coach while being informative with any client’s success. It’s imperative that we both share in the achievement together! 

 At the core, I want to provide a trusted source to PHE teachers so youth at the youngest age possible are provided with the necessary resources to build a long-term pathway of healthy habits! 

Our goal is to uncover what motivates each student to build their personal wellness journey. There is no one-size fits all strategy that satisfies everyone, ensuring an individualized strategy ensures success is personalized

Building a Student Success Pathway


Our first step is assessment which is the rudimentary backbone to our platform. It is essential to understand where an individual stands today to plan accordingly and revisit initial test indicators.

Learn to Exercise

Our workout structure is designed to increase confidence through technique, transitions to heavier loads and feedback through muscle response.


Confidence in Movement

By implementing an RPE (rate of perceived exertion) function, we put the power back in the hands of our students and athletes to allow for safe scalability.


Active for Life

Long term fitness success is based largely on foundation. Experiencing different forms of movements, blended in with the ability to measure results.

As a teacher, it has been hard to monitor progress, and make individual changes to programs of 25+ students.  Through testing,  the students are provided with a program that is individualized to them.  It has allowed me time to focus on student technique, safety, assessment and increased student-teacher engagement

Nathan Millar

PHE Department Head , Grand River Collegiate

We’ve taken the 1 on 1 strength coach methodology to equip teachers with a platform that consistently measures student progress.

We believe the work done by PHE teachers is the foundation to every human’s health and happiness. We are dedicated to you, building and innovating a platform that brings a higher level of efficiency to reach every student! 

Download Our ‘Positive Feedback Loop’ Blueprint

Long-term routine is designed by understanding progress over time. Click below to understand how to implement your strategy in a group setting!